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Your Travel Insurance Checklist

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As winter wears on in Canada and many of us start preparing for warm getaways, we wanted to provide a checklist of factors to consider when evaluating your travel insurance.

No one plans to have holidays disrupted by an unforeseen medical emergency, cancelled flight, or other disruption. But unexpected events while you are outside of your home province can be costly.

Credit cards and group benefit plans typically include coverage. Here is a handy checklist to help you evaluate whether the policy wording would protect you if needed:

  • Do you know the stability period of your current coverage (90 or 180 days?) The stability period is the length of time prior to travel that your health must be stable -- which means even a decrease or being taken off a medication can trigger a pre-existing condition limitation.

  • What is your credit card’s maximum amount of travel insurance coverage?

  • Are all people travelling with you receiving the same coverage amount as you, or do you need to purchase coverage for your companions?

  • What is the maximum number of days for any one trip?

  • Does your coverage end if you plan to stay longer than expected or does the policy allow you to extend coverage?

  • Are you covered by your plan if you participate in sports or activities while on vacation?

  • Will you be penalized if you don’t call the claims company right after emergency or prior to visiting a hospital or clinic?

  • Must you pay for your trip in full with your credit card in order to benefit from its coverage?

  • Have you read your “insurance certificate” and do you know where to find it?

  • Do you know if you are covered for pre-existing conditions and is that pre-existing coverage limitation based on age?

  • Does the plan cover family members if they are not travelling with the primary insured?

  • Do you know who to call in the event of an emergency?

  • Will the plan coordinate payment with your provincial healthcare plan or pay the hospital directly?

  • Does the plan arrange and pay for someone to stay with you if you are hospitalized during a trip?

When planning a trip anywhere outside of your home province, your plans should include reviewing your coverage. The costs associated with medical emergencies or travel disruptions can be significant.

Did you know that we offer coverage for:

  • Emergency Medical coverage including coverage for extreme sports

  • Trip cancellation and interruption

  • Rental car and baggage coverage

  • All-inclusive protection

Email us at for a quote and quick application. We are always happy to help!


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