About Us

Running a Benefits Company Fits With Who We Are

We’re problem-solvers who like to find the quickest way through a maze

and then share the route with everyone we know.

We stay ahead of things.

We set other business owners up for success.

We love crunching numbers and challenging the status quo.

That’s just who we are.


Through our years in this industry, we've witnessed the complication and expense that often surrounds 'benefits' plans.  That's why we designed our company to make taking care of health needs much easier and more direct.  At Vital Partners, our mission is obvious: 

Provide a clear path and innovative products that actually give people

what they need.

Plain and simple.


We want the same practical and appropriate options for your families as we want for our own.

That's OUR bottom line.

"We believe that everyone deserves access to great benefits and to have support when needed. This belief is the foundation of our company and our commitment to you."


~ Andrea & Jennifer

   Co-Owners, Vital Partners Inc.

Contributing to Our World Also Fits

Whether members of our team are rescuing animals, coaching girls softball, helping various groups, or chairing a board, we get huge personal satisfaction from lending a hand wherever we can.  Most of our clients are also big contributors to their communities.  So, at holiday times, we choose to make donations to worthy causes on their behalf.

It just makes sense.

Jennifer Kirby BA, CFP, CLU, CHS, GBA


Precision and heart.

For me, it’s pretty much the ideal combination.  Just ask a team of championship softball players who have figured out how to match grit, teamwork and a positive attitude with, strike-zone accuracy.  Together, they’re skilled, nimble and successful … with enough heart to fuel not one but multiple teams.


Like sport.  Like Business.

I hugely value how the fundamentals of my experience as an athlete (competitive fastpitch, varsity volleyball) transcend my work at Vital Partners.  Today, whether at a game, at home or in the office, I still naturally survey the field, notice every potential advantage, and design ‘plays’ that work.  I thrive when I get to simplify the details, stay on top of the most efficient options, and ultimately, make a positive difference in people’s lives. 


For me, a great day is all about the people in my life.  I love collaborating with clients to help them protect what matters most.  Then I build out my practice plans when coaching my daughter’s fastpitch team, volunteer wherever I’m needed, connect with friends, and definitely hang out with my very fun husband and kids.    

It’s just what makes me tick.


Quick Facts:

BA (Hons) (Bachelor of Arts with Honors), Mount Allison University)

Professional Designations:  CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter), CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist), GBA (Group Benefits Associate)

Andrea Shandro BA, MBA, CHS, GBA


It’s the perfect evening.

We’ve been out hiking all day and now a variety of yummy aromas are wafting from the kitchen. The meal offers the best of ingredients: laughter, great conversation, spirited board game challenges. Oh, and exceptionally good food of course!


Whether creating a meal, building a business, or supporting a client’s company, the reason I do what I do is always the same. I believe that when we honour people, learn what makes them tick, and give them an opportunity to be healthy on all levels, this world of ours is a better place.


I'm proud to sit on the board of Momentum and currently chair their HR Committee. A Calgary girl, I happily call Alberta home and share my world with my husband and our two boys.


For some, the desire to make the world a better place is a bit cliché.  For me, it’s why I get up in the morning.

Relieve stress over health benefits and financial security?  Let’s do it!

Have some fun and meaningful relationships along the way? Absolutely.


Quick Facts:

BA (Bachelor of Arts, , University of Alberta)

MBA (Masters in Business Administration, Simon Fraser University)

Professional Designations: CHS (Certified Health Insurance Specialist), GBA (Group Benefits Associate)

Karen Hancock

Client Services Manager

There’s something about animals and nature. 

Maybe it’s how they fit together, one intertwined with the other.  Stereotypical, unconditional and nurturing. 

So real and pure and systematic, really.  Kind of like math and language.  There’s a formula.  There’s a flow. 

There’s a foundation from which you can figure things out.


Like my work at Vital Partners. 

It's an ideal fit.  It matches my gentle persona with my pragmatic brain and my way of being human. 

It lets me engage with real people in real lives.  

Sometimes we need a sympathetic ear.  Sometimes we need a super-efficient answer. 

Whatever the situation, I love taking our solid foundation and building upon it with new ideas and solutions

that actually matter to each individual. 

I want the best for everyone.  People and animals alike. 


I look forward to getting to know you.


Quick Facts:

Over 20 years of industry experience

Specific expertise in customer service, plan administration and analysis.

Sheila Araullo

Client Services Coordinator

Organization is my zen.

Having things in order gives me peace of mind.  It seems to me that logic and ease go hand in hand.  Maybe it’s the mathematician in me but there are few things that make me as happy as a pragmatic answer and an orderly bathroom drawer. 

Except, maybe, cozy waffle Sundays!


I’m definitely a problem solver at heart.

Given my natural instinct to find practical answers, I guess it’s no surprise that my degrees are in math.  It’s intuitive for me to methodically assess a situation and then do the backend work to positively impact someone’s life.  I always want people to feel valued and appreciated which is why working in benefits fits so well for me. 


Numbers and order fuel my soul.  Gratitude, faith, and family feed my heart. 

To me, it just makes sense that if we start a day with ease and organization, it’s nicer for everyone. 

Kind of like that colour-coded closet.  And Nutella-topped homemade waffles.

Quick Facts:

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, cum laude

Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science) at the University of the Philippines.

RPA (Retirement Plans Associate)