Group Benefits

Group Benefits

Your Company. Your Culture. 

Employee Benefits that Fit.

We simplify your entire benefits experience and ensure that your dollars are effectively fueling your team and your business. First and foremost, we customize to your budget and your needs. Then we consistently adjust to your pace, your growth, and any life changes.

Recruit. Retain. Reward.

Good benefit plans are to your company's advantage. We understand how important it is to attract great individuals and keep them. Offering your employees strong benefit opportunities will allow them to proactively take care of their own well-being and that of their families. In turn, healthy employees make for a healthy, thriving company.

It's just that simple.

Incorporated businesses with two or more

employees of any age

Who Qualifies?

We Simplify the Process  

And we connect you, the employer, with your employees.


Your benefits

philosophy, budget,

and objectives

Training & Education

Tools that match your brand and culture





Support & Communication

Real people serving

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Comprehensive Group Benefits Options  

Including medical, vision, dental, and insurance (life, disability, critical illness, travel).

Traditional Benefits

One size fits all.

Flexible Benefits

Flexible use of pre-set benefit dollars.

Group Savings Plans

Add to any group benefits plan.

Want Additional Personal Coverage?  

Many businesses are owned by one or more corporations - either professional corporations or management / holding companies. If you are an owner of a corporation, consider adding your own Health Spending Account to your group plan in order to maximize the tax advantages of your personal health and dental expenses.

Leaving A Group Plan?

You may be able to convert to an individual plan regardless of your previous group plan provider. Your choice of plan is dependent on whether or not you wish to answer medical questions.


No - I do not wish to answer questions.


If you or your dependents are currently taking a significant number of medications or have other health concerns, and/or do not wish to answer medical questions, we would recommend the following conversion options programs:

  • Budgeting assistance for predictable expenses like dental, vision, and prescription drugs

  • Coverage for unexpected events such as ambulance, hospital, or medical supplies.

  • Multiple insurers to choose from including:

          Green Shield Link

Great West Life Plan Direct

Alberta Blue Cross Blue Assured

Alberta Non Group Coverage

Yes - I'm happy to answer questions. 


If you have limited or no prescription medications or limited ongoing health needs, you may wish to consider applying for coverage by answering medical questions. These programs are typically less expensive and offer enhanced prescription drug coverage:

  • Lower premiums than conversion options

  • Higher benefit maximums than most conversion options

  • Budgeting assistance for life’s routine expenses

  • Coverage for the things that life throws at you and you don’t expect

  • Multiple insurers to choose from including:

          Green Shield Zone

Great West Life Sonata

Alberta Blue Cross Blue Choice