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GroupBenefitz - Plan Options

Building a Plan that Works is Easy

  • Guaranteed Acceptance. No health questions

  • Affordable rates

  • Fast, paperless sign-up

  • Flexible "big company" options

Review the Options

Choose from progressive plan options in the Classic and All-In platforms based on your needs and budget. We've included an FAQ section, and you can download the detailed package.

Connect with Us

Everyone has a unique situation. Let's book a 20-minute call or virtual meeting to make sure you're comfortable.

Sign Up

It takes about 5 minutes to confirm your selections and add your info. You'll need your dependents' information and credit card for payment. 

It's That Easy

Coverage takes effect on the 1st of the month following enrolment.


Your benefits card, link to the digital portal, and policy documents are emailed within 5 business days.

GroupBenefitz Classic

You're starting out, but recognize that unexpected expenses can derail your plan. You're caring for a young family and building your career.


GroupBenefitz All-In

The perfect fit if you are established and stable. You have time and resources to invest in your health and wellbeing.

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