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Individual Insurance

Be Ready for Everything


Insurance offers you financial strategies that set you up regardless of how life changes.

  Different from Benefits, Insurance can be defined as:

  • coverage - aka financial security - for individuals and their families

  • an arrangement that provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness or death in return for payment or premium


Learn more about the types of coverage we offer clients:


Consultants, Professionals & Business Owners

Who Qualifies?

Comprehensive Individual Insurance Options

Ideal for Consultants, Professionals & Business Owners

*Current clients of Vital Partners

Allows you to:

  • Be more prepared for the unexpected

  • Top up your group benefits coverage

  • Own the policy - i.e. it follows you regardless of what happens to your employment or group coverage

  • Receive higher benefit maximums

  • Enjoy policy flexibility with a range of solutions geared to change as your life changes.


Vital Partners Makes Risk Management Easy

Protect your family and business against potential loss of income with effective risk management options.


Life Insurance

As brokers, Vital Partners accesses cost-effective solutions from almost any insurer in Canada.

Depending on your budget and goals, solutions may include term, permanent and hybrid solutions.


Term Life

Funds to pay off debts and other financial obligations upon death.  May include replacing your income, providing money for children's education and final expenses.

This is typically the lowest-cost way to provide for your loved ones in the event of your death.  You choose what you pay and what your beneficiaries receive.


Permanent Life

Lifetime coverage for estate planning.  

If you are looking to pass on some of your wealth to children or other family members, a charity, or to find tax-sheltered growth opportunities, there are several options to consider.  Talk to us about what's important to you.


Key Person and Buy/Sell Coverage

Our businesses thrive on the key people who build and lead them.  Protectign your business against the death, disability, or critical illness of an owner or key person can ensure continuity and financial security when the unexpected occurs.  With Key Person and Buy/Sell coverage, you can:

  • Gain peace of mind and practical preparedness

  • Pre-established funding for the buy/sell arrangements incorporated in your Unanimous Shareholders' Agreement

  • Deduct premiums as a business expense



This option will give you income replacement if unable to work due to injury or illness.  Individual coverage is portable and typically includes more robust contract wording than group coverage.  Ideal for people who don't have adequate coverage through a group policy or for those who are not covered by a group plan.


Critical Illness

Critical Illness insurance allows for a one time, lump sum, tax-free cash payment if you are diagnosed with a covered condition.  Money can be used for whatever is needed at the time: access to alternative health care, reduction of debts or to supplement disability insurance payments. 



Protect against emergency medical costs outside of your home province.

Heading backcountry skiing?  Scuba diving at a depth exceeding 30 meters?  Engaging in a contact sport outside of your home province?  Talk to us about optional coverage for adventure, extreme or contact sports.


We've partnered with TuGo, one of Canada's top travel insurance providers so that our clients can travel with confidence.  TuGo delivers affordable rates and reliable customer service when travelers need it most.

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Travelers love TuGo insurance. 


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