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The Importance of Travel Insurance

With winter upon us, many of us look to sunnier climates to escape the snow. Travel insurance is critical to cover a range of scenarios, as these 2023 claim stories from TuGo highlight!  

Emergency Medical Coverage

Jamie, 23, visited the Gold Coast in Australia with friends. She tripped on someone’s backpack on the beach and scraped her leg. Several days later, her leg became sore and tender and she began experiencing fever and chills.

She was referred to a hospital by a walk-in clinic, where they discovered that she had contracted flesh-eating disease and was at risk of losing her leg. After a few small surgeries, a course of antibiotics and nine days in hospital, Jamie was released from hospital.

Fortunately, Jamie’s parents had reminded her to buy travel insurance before departing. Here’s what the coverage paid relative to provincial health coverage:

Trip Cancellation Coverage

60-year-old Joselyn planned a 10-day trip through the United Kingdom visiting castles in Wales, England, and Scotland as well as attending a sought-after show in a famous West End theatre in London.

A month before her departure, Joselyn suffered a minor stroke and was hospitalized for several days. Unfortunately, her doctor recommended cancelling her trip.

Joselyn had purchased Trip Cancellation and Interruption coverage when she booked her airfare, tours and West End tickets and paid for her accommodation. She was able to recover almost $5,000 in costs that were non-refundable.

If you’re booking or leaving on a vacation and you don’t have travel and/or trip cancellation coverage through your group plan, we can help source best-in-class coverage to ensure that you’re not left out-of-pocket when things don’t go as planned.

Book a meeting to obtain a quote and get coverage in place in 20 minutes or less.


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