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Taking Care of You and Your Family

Just Got Easier

In this post, we highlight a great benefit plan option for those who don't have coverage through an employer or who are covered by a health spending account only.

What is one thing that the following types of workers have in common?

· Freelancers

· Contractors

· On-demand professionals

· Gig employees

· Sole Proprietors

· Solopreneurs

Obtaining coverage for health and dental expenses can be a pain.

Vital Partners now has access to flexible “Big Company” benefits with guaranteed acceptance for anyone working at least 20 hours per week. With no medical exam required, and fast, paperless sign up with click-and-buy processing, we are so excited about this innovative choice for individuals.

Powered by GroupBenefitz, you’re joining thousands of Canadians who don’t fit a particular mould. Now you get to make a plan that works for you.

Building a Plan that Works is Easy

Step 1: Visit our website for a quick overview of plan options

Step 2: Book a 20-minute virtual meeting with us to discuss your situation

Step 3: Sign up. It takes about 5 minutes to confirm your selections, add your personal details and credit card information.

It’s that easy. Coverage takes effect on the first of the month following sign up. Your benefits card, link to the digital portal, and policy documents are emailed within 5 business days.

With the GroupBenefitz platform, you can build a plan that works for you regardless of your age and stage of life. Health and dental coverage can be paired with innovative solutions to address your total wellbeing:

· Phyzio: Unlimited virtual pain consultations with an athletic therapist

· My Friendly Lawyer: unlimited legal assistance that is just a phone call away

· Pocketpills Pharmacy: a virtual pharmacy that delivers medication right to your door

· Care for Mind and Body: via Maple Virtual Care, and Homewood Employee and Family Assistance program.

· And More

Let's Chat! Use this link to find a time in our calendar that works for you.


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