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Stress-free myHSA Claims

Updated: Feb 15

As simple as our myHSA system is to use, it's important to provide the right kind of documentation to ensure that your claims go smoothly. In this article, we outline the specifics of a prescription drug claim, service claim, or a claim that has been submitted to insurance first.

Prescription Drugs

It's important to submit the Official Pharmacy Receipt as documentation to support your claim for a prescription medication. It's helpful because it shows how much of the cost was covered by insurance, and specifies the Drug Identification number (DIN).

Unfortunately, the cash register receipt is not adequate as important information that would required in the event of a CRA audit is missing.

Service Receipt

Professional services receipts for chiropractic, physiotherapy, or registered massage therapy also require specific information:

  • Practitioner name, Credentials, and License number: Remember that only registered professionals are eligible under non-taxable Health Spending Accounts.

  • Patient Name: The name of the patient must be listed on your account. You can add dependents under Settings.

  • Service Date: This is important because it impacts the plan year in which the receipt can be claimed. The service date must match what you entered in the system.

  • Description: Only eligible services can be claimed, so if you bought supplements as part of a naturopathic visit, please omit that expense from the total claimed.

  • Paid: We must see proof of payment such as cash or credit card. Gift cards are not eligible as proof of payment. If you pre-paid for services in exchange for a discount, you can claim the cost of the visit as the visit is incurred (not when you bought the pre-paid package).

Amount not Covered by Insurance

If you have a core insurance plan or insurance through a spouse, you must submit an explanation of benefits or claim summary showing how much the insurer covered of the original expense.

Two examples are listed below.

Providing the correct documents from the outset ensures that you are reimbursed in a timely fashion and takes away the hassle of returning to the provider in order to get the information you need.


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