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Integrated Health Platform with Dialogue

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As a plan sponsor, employee wellbeing has never been more top of mind. Mental Health, promoting physical activity, and giving employees access to timely, relevant assistance when they need it most is top of mind.

The average wait time to see a mental health practitioner in Canada is more than 2 months

  • 46% of Canadians report difficulty accessing healthcare, with wait times of 3+ days for minor health issues.

As leaders, you’re bombarded with a wide array of options in the marketplace. To meet the various needs of plan members, many have developed a patchwork approach to employee support programs. But communicating the resources that are available and letting employees know how to access them can be a full-time job.

Dialogue has introduced an integrated health platform that unifies health and wellness programs and offers a simple access point for members to access high quality, multi-disciplinary virtual care from a single, modern app.

About Dialogue

Dialogue is the leading virtual care provider in Canada

  • Founded in 2016

  • 1,300 daily visits (surpassing Canada’s largest ER volumes)

  • Over 800 employees and 500 medical professionals form a multidisciplinary team (nurse practitioners, physicians, and mental health experts)

  • Millions of employees and their families have access to Dialogue in Canada

The integrated program includes:

Primary Care: 24/7 unlimited virtual care for general physical and mental health concerns

EAP: Professional support for personal and work issues including mental health, legal, financial, family and relationships, work and career

Mental Health: An integrated blend of self-led and practitioner-led therapy options to address the needs and preferences of all members. What differentiates this service from other mental health supports through EAPs is that the number of sessions is not limited per issue.

iCBT: Self-led mental health support available 24/7, with zero barriers to getting started.

Wellness: Preventative care support to engage all members towards healthier living, through daily habits, self-led fitness content, and wellbeing challenges.

Here is an example of a plan member’s complete wellness journey:

The Dialogue EAP, Virtual Care and Mental Health support is available through a few programs. Please book a meeting with us to learn more.


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