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Free Telemedicine Resources

In this post, we provide a quick overview of the way you can access free health care from your computer or mobile phone.

It's not always convenient to visit a walk-in clinic or obtain medical advice for non-urgent conditions.

Virtual Care empowers you to obtain assistance for a range of conditions without having to wait in a waiting room.

  • Prescription refills

  • Order laboratory tests

  • Minor skin irritations or pink eye

  • Weight loss consultations

  • Mental health

  • and more

You can request that your information be shared with your regular attending physician.

Free in BC, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec with a valid Health Care Card

Choose whether you want to have your consultation via phone or video chat. The system indicates where your doctor is located, and you indicate why you're calling.

Free in BC, Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan with a valid Health Care Card

Telus Health myCare appointments are app-based. You can choose from a few doctors when booking the appointment, and doctors can prescribe directly through the app and even have medications delivered to your home (some restrictions apply).

If you or someone you are caring for is experiencing challenges accessing traditional health care, is located in a remote community, or would prefer to have a consultation from the comfort of home or work, telemedicine provides options.

Remember to call 911 in an emergency.


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