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Free Mental Health Resources

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

In recent years, we’ve seen a marked increase in claims for mental health practitioners. Some group benefits plans offer limited support for mental health resources such as psychologist visits. Read on for some free resources that you and your network can draw on for support.

More Canadians are struggling with mental health concerns than ever before.

On one hand, great effort has been made to lift the stigma around needing to reach out when feelings of sadness, worry, or stress seem out of control. Increased use of supports from mental health specialists or medications can be a positive sign that people realize they need not suffer in silence.

On the other, we’ve all faced some challenging times, and future uncertainties around the economy and our finances, global events, and our personal lives have led to increased stress.

Canadian life and health insurers processed nearly $600 million in claims related to mental health in 2021, up 45 per cent since 2020 and 75 per cent since 2019, according to the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association’s Annual Fact Book.

Many benefits plans offer limited support for mental health resources such a psychologist visits, and that type of support can be very costly to pay out of pocket.

Fortunately, a number of not-for-profit organizations, government programs, and technology tools have been introduced to help you help yourself.

If you or a loved one is in distress, contact The Distress Centre's crisis line for immediate assistance.

Free downloadable resources for a wide range of mental health concerns – not just anxiety. You can apply for MindShift Group Therapy sessions.

​A great resource to help you find help in your area. Check in on your mental health using the Mental Health Meter

This Alberta Health Services site lists community resources available in Alberta – everything from the addiction help line to income supports or psychological first aid courses running online.

Services are funded through Alberta Health Services and the Government of Alberta

Counselling funded by the Government of Alberta.

A free resource for mental health and substance use support made available through the Government of Canada.


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