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AllState Critical Illness Insurance

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

We've all heard the statistics around the number of Canadians who are diagnosed with a critical illness daily. Having a plan in place for you, your family, and your team, can make a difference between surviving and thriving.

myHSA plan members love the flexibility to invest in what matters most to their wellbeing.

Meanwhile, plan sponsors enjoy the ability to budget benefits spend.

But when an unexpected, serious illness occurs, a health spending account alone may not be enough to protect the financial security of our team members. A cash benefit paid to an employee, their spouse, or their children if diagnosed with invasive cancer, MS, or other dreaded diseases.

The myHSA platform offers organizations the option to include AllState Critical Illness Insurance coverage. The policy offers several enhanced definitions:

  • No pre-existing conditions clause

  • No survival period

  • Claims paid within 2-4 business days

  • Dependent children automatically covered at no cost for 50% of Comprehensive Critical Illness benefit amount

  • Coverage may be continued after employment (review policy details)

Groups with at least 3 employees can add critical illness insurance for either employees or employees and spouses for as little as $8 / m per employee. Dependent children are covered automatically in both single and family coverages. Individual business owners can obtain coverage, but pricing is based on age, gender, and smoking status.

Download the detailed brochure for more information, or book a meeting. We'd love to connect.


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