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100% Drug Coverage At No Additional Cost

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Pocketpills is a pharmacy at your fingertips. Through their easy-to-use app and website, members can fill prescriptions, consult with pharmacists, and order medication with free delivery anywhere in Canada.

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with Pocketpills to enhance your drug coverage. With Pocketpills Additional Coverage, your plan members can now receive 100% drug coverage for 6 months. After that, your plan members will be able to enjoy an additional 10% coinsurance by continuing to fill their prescriptions at Pocketpills.

Registering your group is easy:

  1. Visit our Additional Coverage Portal

  2. Provide some basic information and upload a company census including the names, dates of birth, and emails for your team. Please contact us for assistance with this step if needed.

  3. Receive an email from Pocketpills with your organization's launch date.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Additional Coverage start?

Additional Coverage starts for all eligible plan members on the day your company's coverage goes live. After the required information is shared with Pocketpills, they will work with your plan administrator to successfully onboard your group.

How does Additional Coverage work with dispensing fee deductible or drug maximum?

If your benefits plan has at least 70% drug coverage, irrespective of any deductibles or caps, your plan members will have 100% drug coverage for 6 months through the Additional Coverage.

What happens after 6 months?

After 6 months, your plan members will continue to enjoy an extra 10% coinsurance (on top of their base drug coverage) by filling prescriptions through Pocketpills.

Does this extra coverage impact our claims experience and rates at renewal?

No, the Additional Coverage is independent of your carrier coverage. Claims would continue to be adjudicated as per the carrier contract. No contract change is needed with the carrier.

What about high-cost drugs? Is there a Additional Coverage maximum?

All eligible drugs on the base plan are covered. Additional Coverage is capped at $100 (per drug) per fill.

Who is eligible for Additional Coverage?

All employees who are currently enrolled in group benefits, and are outside of Quebec, are eligible.

Are dependents also eligible for Additional Coverage?

Yes, dependents are also eligible for Additional Coverage!


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