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Tips for You and Your Employees

In this post, we've assembled some resources that we hope can provide some tips and strategies to deal with an unprecedented time.

Managing stress

During uncertain times, employees may be experiencing anxiety, stress, and whole range of emotions. Encourage employees to reach out to your Employee Assistance Program if you have one, or contact the Distress Centre.

Working Remotely

Allison Marshall of Strix Insights has an amazing reputation for group facilitation and is well-versed in facilitating remote meetings. She has shared some quick tips in our post 10 Tips to Rev Up Remote Collaboration.

We also enjoyed this How-to Guide of setting up team expectations and maintaining lines of communication.

Suddenly Finding Yourself Homeschooling?

This schedule to follow if school is cancelled can help maintain a routine at home.

The Key – Alberta Curriculum Guides can help summarize content and provide relevant test questions.

You can also check out these grade-appropriate resources to assist with Math and English Language Arts:

  • Khan Academy is free and provides online classes and challenges to keep young minds engaged. You can set up children separately and must also set up a parent account.

  • lets kids complete challenges and learn coding at the same time.

Legal Resources

Miller Thompson is providing regular updates to legal resources to assist employers and businesses here.

Delivery Services

Avenue Magazine in Calgary has published a list of delivery services here.

Support Local, Support Charities

When possible, support local businesses. In all likelihood, large chains and big box stores will survive this business interruption. However, locally-owned organizations will struggle to survive.

For employees experiencing layoffs and terminations, our local charitable sector will provide invaluable support. Consider doing what you can to ensure that our community’s most vulnerable have enough to eat and can continue to access critical resources.


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