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Things We Love: PocketPills

This BC-based virtual pharmacy is making great inroads in simplifying the process of getting and adhering to your medications and vitamins.

If you're taking one or more regular prescription medications or vitamins, it can be difficult to keep track of what to take and when to take it. Caring for a loved one and trying to sort their medications can also be troublesome.

PocketPills is a completely digital pharmacy fulfilling individual prescription medication and delivery to your doorstep. With regular chat function and excellent customer service, PocketPills is creating a new way of making sure you take your medication on time and on a regular basis.

PocketPills sorts medication by dosage into packages labelled with name, date, and time for consumption. Medications, creams, inhalers, and over the counter items are all available and can be billed directly to your insurance provider.

Why use PocketPills?

  • Pre-packaged doses increase adherence when you know that you have to take a certain medication or group of medications. Each dose is labelled with your name, time and date medications should be taken, and list of medications.

  • Include vitamins and supplements with your routine medications.

  • The $7 dispensing fee maximum can help reduce costs and delivery is free.

  • The technology behind the system allows this pharmacy to lower costs and pass savings onto you.

  • Allows you to reduce exposure to public spaces if you wish

  • If you are caring for loved ones, you can obtain access to their file to help manage their medications.

How to get started

Simply sign up with a Pocketpills account and transfer prescription to them. New prescriptions can be faxed directly to PocketPills from the doctor’s office: 1-855-950-7226.


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