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PocketPills for myHSA

In this post we review how myHSA plan members can use PocketPills to eliminate out-of-pocket costs for pharmacy expenses.

PocketPills is a completely digital pharmacy fulfilling individual prescription medication and delivery to employee doorsteps.

PocketPills sorts medication by dosage into packages labelled with the patient’s name, date, and time for consumption. Medications, creams, inhalers, and over the counter items are all available and can be billed directly to insurers as well as the myHSA platform.

Why use PocketPills?

  • The technology behind the system allows this pharmacy to lower costs and pass savings onto consumers.

  • Allows plan members to reduce contact with public spaces.

  • Plan sponsors can save up to 15% - in part because of the $7 dispensing fee maximum.

How does PocketPills Integrate with myHSA?

All employees enrolled in the myHSA system automatically have access to PocketPills. Plan members simply have to activate PocketPills through their employee dashboard to transfer to their new online pharmacy.

myHSA automatically:

- Checks the plan and employee balance

- Adjudicates the claim

- Retracts the purchase amounts from the employee balance

- Displays the prescription purchase as a claim made in the employee portal

This 30-second video explains how the integration works.

New prescriptions can be faxed directly to PocketPills from the doctor’s office: 1-855-950-7226.

Getting started is easy. Employees simply click on the PocketPills icon on their employee dashboard to sign up!


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