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myHSA's New Chat Feature

If you have logged into your myHSA account recently, you may have noticed new chat functionality. myHSA's new system is designed to improve customer experience.

The primary way that myHSA connects with plan sponsors or plan members is via the chat.

Now, thanks to a system implemented by myHSA, many common questions and problems can be resolved by a chat bot, named Sage.

Sage has been successfully dealing with hundreds of queries, and when Sage doesn't know the answer, she loops in a human or your friendly team at Vital Partners.

  • Collects data regarding satisfaction after each conversation

  • Stores all conversations

  • Users will now be able to search from a database of self-help topics

Recently I had a question about an employee's claim, and Sage wisely provided a list of practitioners eligible for reimbursement under the HSA as well as a sample service receipt. I received the answer to my question as well as a handy tool within 30 seconds.


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