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Mental Health Trends in the Workplace

In this post, we review findings from Homewood Health, a leading Canadian Employee and Family Assistance provider.

Homewood Health, a leading Canadian Employee Assistance Provider released some interesting trends in 2021 compared to 2020.

Anxiety and stress continue as a top issue across all services with the predominant issues being related to work stress, work-life balance, and return to work.

The use of online CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) was the highest at the outset of the pandemic however, Homewood has seen strong consistent reliance on this service.

E-courses have remained a popular method of self-instruction and in 2021, most people have used for building resilience, resolving conflict in relationships, working on maintaining respect in the workplace, and taking control of stress.

According to Sun Life, mental health continues to be the leading cause of disability among employers of all sizes. In fact, mental health claims now account for 30% of all disability claims. They also represent 45% of total claims costs.

Sun Life has introduced Designed for Health report which offers solutions to help clients address mental health in their workplace. They have also introduced a free, digital, self-serve resource that provides specific guidance and actionable tools and resources that you can use to improve workplace mental health.


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