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Human Rights, Vaccines, and Medical Testing

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In this post, we provide resources to help you navigate how human rights legislation impacts policies for vaccination and mask wearing in your workplace.

As the fourth wave of Covid-19 hits Alberta, you may be wondering how to best serve your workforce and your customers with your vaccination, testing, or masking requirements.

Many of our clients have asked us about vaccine policies in their workplace. Can you ask employees for confirmation of vaccination? Should you?

For some people, the topic of vaccines and masks have been polarizing, and there is a lot of conflicting information floating around the Internet.

The Alberta Human Rights Commission has addressed these important topics in a recent update, which covers everything from discrimination and COVID-19, human rights, duty to accommodate, and protected grounds, as well as mask wearing.

We recommend learning about what you can and can't do according to human rights legislation before thinking about whether these requirements are right for your industry, organization, and employees.


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