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Having a Plan in Place in the Event of an Unexpected Health Problem

An unexpected health problem can affect many areas of your life and it is important to review your existing insurance plans to determine if coverage will allow you to stay on track.

Medical advances mean that more people are surviving illness like cancer and strokes, but recovery can be long and stressful. Having a plan in place is important if you’re faced with a severe illness so that you can focus on your recovery and worry less about finances.

Some products to consider include the following:

Critical illness insurance-this type of policy provides a one-time payment in the event that you are diagnosed with a covered critical condition. Insurers typically cover between 25 to 31 illnesses and they are disclosed in the policy.

A critical illness benefit can be used for anything that you want. For example, some individuals use the money to supplement lost wages, manage everyday costs, access private or out-of-country medical treatment.

Best Doctors-this service is often included as part of a critical illness contract and provides you and your dependants access to Best Doctors’ network of world-renowned medical experts to get an expert second opinion and to find the right diagnosis and treatment information.

Disability insurance-disability insurance helps protect you from a financial loss of an injury or illness by replacing a percentage of your income to help you meet your financial responsibilities.

There are many types of disability and critical illness policies depending on your age and life stage. The first step is to determine your goals and objectives and tailor coverage that meets your current situation and budget. Contact us today for more information.


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