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Employer Pulse – Morneau Shepell Survey Results for Canadian Employers

In this post we highlight the main findings of a recent survey conducted by Morneau Shepell of employers reporting their concerns, priorities, and next steps with respect to their businesses in the current climate.

The idea that we are all in this together is comforting to many businesses and we all grapple with significant disruption in demand and business processes.

Morneau Shepell recently conducted a survey of 810 employers, and the results paint a telling picture of what is preoccupying organizations as we navigate our new normal.

Top 2 concerns:

1) Mental Health of Employees – 32%

2) Job loss and Layoffs – 16%

Top 3 priorities on the radar:

1) Mental health for employees – 68%

2) Long-term business impact – 56%

3) Financial well-being of employees – 45%

Top 3 gaps in the resources available now:

1) Working from home adjustment – 43%

2) Mental health for employees – 36%

3) Financial health for employees – 22%

Top 2 staffing approaches being considered:

1) Layoffs – 34%

2) Reduced work arrangements – 27%

69% of employers reported they believe that their employees are adapting as well as can be expected given the circumstances.

31% of organizations surveyed think the Pandemic will have significant changes to the way they do business; 62% reported that they think the Pandemic will have some changes.

What are your priorities and concerns with respect to your organization and team? Register for our June 16th panel discussion and ask your questions to our panel of HR and benefits experts.


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